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Dance of the Divine Dragonfly - Pheromone Perfume Potions & Power Jewelry
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Diana Diamonds' Custom Pheromone Perfumes
Crazy Mama's Established 1972

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Create Your Very Own 
Signature Perfume
or Custom Love Potion

You will receive the benefit of the best of the Perfumer's Art & the result of years of research 
into the Science of Attraction & Motivation. 

Coming Soon: A New Way for U to Create Your Signature Scent


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Diana Diamonds

Fragrance is your invisible secret accessory that surrounds you in a veil of  mysterious magnetism; an "envelope" of seduction & desire.  

Your Signature Fragrance creates favor for you 
in all areas of your life with the correct cocktail of Pheromones (based on your  individual desires & goals) to complete your "Magic Wand" of attraction, excitement & motivation.  

It is about self-love, success, confidence & giving yourself permission to be authentic.

Pheromones are included to call forth your hopes & dreams. They are messengers to assist you in manifesting - taking action - regarding your intentions. 

Having Your Personal Pheromone Perfume Potion lovingly and expertly prepared by Diana, "The Nose", combines your powerful intentions (amplified by crystals and gemstones of your choice) as you are pinpointed through Dream Life Coaching: Life Tools to reach your next level of ascension & personal success.

Schedule our Custom Perfume Bar Early for Discount for
your Holiday Corporate Party or Family/Residential Gathering.

& Team Building

Artisan Goddess Jewelry Design

Plan Your Strategy & Take Action for 
Success, Prosperity & Favor.

"The Courtyard of the Angels"
The Celestial Blue Cottage in the Woods
 26303 Preston Bldg. A   Spring, Texas 77373
 Old Town Spring

We are open for recreation of existing formulas. 
Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions, we cannot say when we will be fully open. Once we are "Open to the Public",  text us at either 
713/409-3730 or 713/409-2893
to be sure we don't have a Party or Appointment
when U want to come.
Thank U, Diana


Crazy Mama:  Diana Diamonds
All Love in Peace for Your Highest Good,
Diana Diamonds
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