Crazy-Mamas - BYOB/Girls' Night Out #2 - Spring, TX
Dance of the Divine Dragonfly - Pheromone Perfume Potions & Power Jewelry
 Girl's Night Out 
Perfume Bar
Custom Pheromone Perfume BYOB & snacks.3 to 10 persons Choice of 2 perfumes blended with Pheromones plus gemstone 10 ml (1/3 ounce). Appointment required. Fee per person.
Price: $44.00
Choice of 3 perfumes blended with Pheromones $53.00:
Choice of 4 perfumes blended with Pheromones $62.00:
Girl's Night Out - Private Perfume Parlor
Custom creation of Pheromone Perfume including limited Dream \ Life Coaching, Individual Scent Fingerprint discovery, and gemstones. BYOB & snacks. 1/3 ounce 2 people (fee per person). Appointment required.
Price: $98.00
3 to 4 persons $89.00 each:
5 to 12 persons $71.00 each:
Girl's Night Out - Private Perfume Parlor
Includes complimentary snacks, appetizers, fruit, salad, desserts, coffee, & tea (BYOB) plus either making custom Signature Pheromone Perfume or Original Signature Jewelry that you take home with you. Minimum 4 people - maximum 12. Approximately 3 1/2 to 4 hrs. Admission per person. Appointment required.
Price: $119.00
Create Custom Jewelry:
Create Custom Perfume:


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