Crazy-Mamas - Body, Room & Linen Spray - Spring, TX
Dance of the Divine Dragonfly - Pheromone Perfume Potions & Power Jewelry
Body, Room & Linen Sprays
"Homecoming 1"
Ginger, pumpkin, orange, tonka bean, cranberry, fir & the smell of holiday festivities. Highly concentrated. Can al;so be worn as a body spray. Available only in the winter. 8 oz.
Price: $26.00

"Homecoming II"
Fir, cedar, pumpkin pie, vanilla, lavendar and holidays around the fireside. Available only in the winter. Highly concentrated. Can be worn as a body spray also. 8 oz
Price: $26.00
"Hana Aloha" The Art of Love Magic
Body & linen spray. Highly concentrated. Softly; sweetly romantic with Plumeria absolute at it's heart. 8 oz.
Price: $69.00
With pheromones added $89.00:
"Fairy Godmother"
Orange. bergemot, tonka bean, vanilla absolute, ginger & white sage. Highly concentrated = 1 bottle will last a long time. Available year round. Use as a room & linen spray. 8oz
Price: $35.00
with pheromones added $53.00:

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