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unique pheromone perfume
To order a duplicate of your Original Signature Fragrance,
EMAIL the Formula for your Original Pheromone Perfume to:
 after paying below. If you have it. We probably have saved it in our computer if it was created after 2013. 
It takes time to recreate your fresh Original Signature Pheromone Perfume/blend. So please don't wait until U run out!

Indicate when you want to pick it up at Crazy Mama's or if you want us to mail it to you. 

All love in peace & thank you for your order,
Diana Diamonds
Reorder Perfume
If your formula has less than nine (9) ingredients. This is your reorder place.
Price: $44.00
Reorder Custom Pheromone Perfume
If your Formula contains ten (10) to sixteen (16) ingredients. A Duplicate of your Original Pheromone Perfume & seven (7) tiny gemstones will be included and noted for your records. Application directions and satin pouch included. Price is per 10ml bottle.
Price: $80.00

Duplicated (Refill) of a Complicated Formula (over 16 ingredients)
These Formulas require an immense amount of time and
concentration to duplicate. U will receive the gemstones with explanation, the ingredients with an explanation, satin bag etc. Price is per 10 ml.bottle.
Price: $125.00
Additional 5 ml (1/2 10 ml. bottle) $62.50 :
Additional 10 ml. bottle $125.00:
Recreating or Duplicating A Perfume
Include a cotton ball with the scent you want duplicated on it.
Send your information on the Perfume Questionaire to receive our mailing address. 30ml
Price: $250.00
Creating Your Personal Pheromone Perfume Long Distance
This is for those who cannot physically come to meet with
Diana Diamonds. 10 ml bottle. Tiny gemstones are included in each bottle with the names of the gemstones noted for you, application directions, & a satin drawstring pouch. Your personal formula will be archived & saved it for future reorders. Perfume questionaire must be completed & a telephone interview before this can be completed.
Price: $125.00
15 ml. in Art Deco bottle $187.50:
Additional 10 ml. (total 20 ml.: 2 bottles) $250.00:
FedX (not International)
Overnight for those who want it immediately.
Price: $58.00

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