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"Hot, Fresh and 
Always Open"

Diana Diamonds life coaching
Spring 2017

All good things take longer than we think they will & this book is no exception!!!  
Enjoy, Diana

"Hot, Fresh & Always Open"
Personally autographed for you by Diana Diamonds - First Edition of 1,500 copies. Available 2017. Original, funny and full of a lifetime of hilarious/
irreverent and memorable moments you'll identify with and take to heart. Plus Dream Life Coaching tools for success, happiness & fulfillment. Your personal how-to manual for achieving your best self now & into the future: cut the "cords" that tie you to past relationships & beliefs that are limiting & that diminish your ability to be your authentic self. Order for your friends, family & girlfriends & "Pay It Forward". Preorder for discount.
Price: $35.00 $26.00

"Hot, Fresh & Always Open"
Preorder for deeper discounts! Price is for 3 copies.
Price: $105.00 $66.00
"Hot, Fresh & Always Open"
Preorder 5 for deepest discount!
Price: $175.00 $100.00
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