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Thought for today 10/05/15
Fun is Important.
Spring Affirmation
Just Sayin'
Prayer of Gratitude & Miracles (fill in the blank)


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Thought for today 10/05/15

"A drop of kindness perfumes the world." 
Kenneth Chong

Fun is Important.

As I enter the tunnel at the end of this ride, I find fun elusive & vitally important.  As I've grown older, I seem to always be trying to do things with expedience. Fun is not usually orderly or quick. It's always an experience of enjoyment with the flush of discovery.  Personal and cherished.  The stuff of memories I can draw on when life throws a wrench in my plans.  Fun defines me in a way nothing else can.  So now when I think I must "clean my room before I go out to play", I shrug that off and it's off into the blue.  The wild blue yonder of fun.  All love in peace, Diana

Spring Affirmation

Today I begin again.  
I reclaim all that has been lost, stolen or forgotten that is of value to me.  
I release to my higher power all of my emotional baggage to be destroyed for my highest good.  
And my heart, mind, body and spirit reunite in their spiral dance of joy.  
And it is so.
And it is sealed.  

Just Sayin'

November is slipping away and 2014 is drawing to a close.  This has been a year of challenges & opportunities for all of us.  And I for one am about to redefine myself physically, emotionally, intellectually & spiritually.  Time is not our friend.  How has 2014 been treating you?  Let me know.  All love in peace, Diana

Prayer of Gratitude & Miracles (fill in the blank)

The following is a healing prayer of expectation & gratitude. Memorize theboldwords. 
Use it to reverse negative thinking.  Every time you have a negative thought: recognize that it is a negative thought & a lie.  Fill in the blank with the opposite thought.  
In less than 28 days, you can reverse negative thinking.
Use it to release & let go of anything that harms you or no longer serves you.  Send it to whomever you pray to so it won't return & in order to receive the blessings you are expecting.

Oprah Winfrey's "Hana Aloha" Pheromone Perfume

"Hana Aloha" the Art of Love Magic was created in honor of Oprah Winfrey & we just found out she's aware!!! 

It took 4 months to "cure" & has almost 300 ingredients including East Indian Sandalwood, Bulgarian Rose. Plumeria, Madagascar & Sri Lankan Vanilla & the most fabulous blend of Pheromones & Copulins! 

It will be available here & at the shop within the next week. 

If you will follow us @ 

Love Until It Hurts?

"I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love."  Mother Teresa

What do you think she meant by that?  Let me know.
All love in peace,
Diana Diamonds

"It's Gonna Be All Right"

"Kill the snake of doubt in your soul, crush the worms of fear in your heart, and mountains will move out of your way."  Kate Seredy

Last week on a very trying day when I was about to give up on a major project, my perpetual calendar: "Believing in Ourselves" jumped off the shelf and opened to August 26.  The quote above was like a nod from God.  I took a break & when I came back to the project, a perfume for international distribution for a wholesale client, everything was perfect.

Crazy Mama's Getting A New Look & Website

Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium is currently getting a fresh new look inside & out.  We have a beautiful "Fairy Forest" & we're creating a "Yellow Brick Road" right up to the front door!!!  The interior is under going a beautiful; fresh look too. And our new website is under construction as we speak! 

You will still be able to read any of the verbage but your ordering process will be aided by a Search Bar and Shopping Cart so you can view your order before you place it!

The 5 Steps to Manifest Your Intentions

The 5 Steps to Manifest Your Intentions
1. BELIEVE- You can transform your life.
2.  LET GO & RELEASE TO YOURCREATOR:  everything (seen & unseen - known & unknown) that no longer serves you or harms you in any way & it will return to you as Positive Energy to fill all your inner voids created by what you have released/leg go of - to protect, heal & enrich you.



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