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Prayer of Gratitude & Miracles (fill in the blank)


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The Prayer of Gratitude and Miracles

Dear God, Thank you for                         .  I know it is of you for my Highest good and I thank you.  And it is so. (point up) * Repeat 3 times

All you have to memorize are the words in blue. It is a fill in the blank prayer.

This prayer is a healing prayer of expectation and gratitude.  Use it to reverse negative thinking, to release and let go of anything that no longer serves you or harms you in any way to whomever you pray to so it won't return, to receive the blessings that are right in front of you, for healing, forgiveness and miracles.

While we are still here - love is the answer.

Last Friday was my husband James' birthday.  The next day, Feb. 12th, he received news that his sister had been found dead in a hotel room in Ft. Worth after having been "missing" for 3 days.  She had been in the midst of a divorce with complications after years of unhappiness.
Her name was Cathy.Her son had to identify her.Probably suicide.
Her family immediately launched into the blame game.  They agreed  no funeral would be "better" since she was no longer active in their religion & due to the circumstances.

Ascension Survival Guide

Astrological/Universal Vibes & Assistance 2/22 to 2/28/13

Astrological/Universal Aspects/Vibrations from Friday 2/22/13 to Thursday 2/28/13 to Assist You in Your Continuing Transformation

The following information will provide you with an understanding of the Astrological/Universal assistance in realizing your
Wildest Dreams
By stepping into the Window of Opportunity that is available to youfrom 2/22/13 to 2/28/13, you can move away from "student" to "brave & passionate living".

When you are able to internalize information by relating it to your past experiences, it becomes valuable and you are equipped to

Crazy Mama's Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

~Crazy Mama’s Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams~
*THE LIST of 10*
(: Please take YOUR time & be still & quiet… Open Heart & Mind…. no distractions :)
1.  LIST ~ in no particular order (keep it simple & worded in positive manner :)    
       A.) The top 10 characteristics of change you desire, in order to be living the life of your dreams. 
"Financial Independence"- "Buy a  Home' or discovering your soul mate.

Welcome to 2013

Welcome to 2013 - the year we learn to trust our instincts & take action regarding our beliefs.  Where is your personal spiritual & personal mecca?  Within you.  What is the best time to step up and be counted?  Now.  Send me some of the reasons you want to become your true self, resolve your relationship issues or understand why you are here.  Let's get to know each other on a real & personal level.  Sign into our Guest Book and let me know where you are.

Confirmation,Completion & Celebration * Energy alert*

4 + 5 = 9 and 9 is the number of completion.  12/21/12 is the completion of an incredible period in mankind's history.  Astrologically, all of the planets in our Galaxy will be at the exact same degree on this date. That doesn't mean they are in a straight line. You will receive information on the importance of this astrological event happening at the very same time as 12/21/12 at GG#45.

Yesterday was 12/12/12.  The energy was incredibly strong and warm like a tropical wave moving through you and lifting you to it's crest to spirit surf.

Thought for this Day

Our talent is doing the impossible.  Our gift is manifesting the unlikely.  Our cluelessness regards control, normal, perfect and average.
Because those things don't exist.  Diana Diamonds  11/20/12 

Blessing Ceremony for Victims of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome & Universal Harmony

Tonight @ 6pm, we will have a Blessing Ceremony for Victims of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (ESPECIALLY OUR WOUNDED WARRIORS NOW SERVING IN THE ARMED FORCES & THOSE WHO HAVE COME HOME)and for Universal Harmony for the Good of All at Crazy Mama's in Old Town Spring.  (Complete info available@ Houston Celestial Emporium.  Join free for access to all info and future events.)  If you cannot join us, please be prayerful and join intentions with us that all will be made whole again:  wounded hearts & spirits healed and hope restored.

Positive Thoughts for You

November 3rd, 2012
Here are a couple of positive thoughts/prayers for you.  Sending love & prayers to everyone who was in the storm's way and hoping they experience a speedy recovery.

"Today I begin again.  I reclaim all that has been lost, stolen or forgotten that is of value to me.  I release to God all that no longer serves me or harms me in any way.  My heart, spirit, body, mind & soul reunite in their spiral dance of Joy.  And it is so."

The following is a simple but powerful success affirmation that is easily memorized and it will absolutely change your state of mind.
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