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When You're in the Zone & Going with the Flow

Good Morning, it's June 29th - 8:04 am.  I have been up all night working on this website.  Just me my ice cold water, my trusty clove cigar-ettes, and my slowwwwwww computer.  

Love the options of the Vistaprint website builder.  It has everything I need but it's reallllly slow.  So with patience and persistence, I 've done ok.  

Changing to Palatino Linotype.  Seems easier to read.  Let me know what you think.  Super charged the classes and parties so I'm almost ready to roll.  Just need to order some jewelry supplies in bulk for those parties.

The Pheromone Perfume Potions are rocking.  Invested in some really potent ingredients!!!

And have some "Firm & Tone" and serums to add to the "Forever Young" - "Skin Miracles line.

Also adding a spray you can add your Signature or Custom Scents to and wear in your hair and on your body.  Can't wait to spray my pillow case with Serenity.

If you haven't experienced the Crazy Mama Room & Linen Spray,,, you ought to try it.  Very pleasing and uplifting.  Nice dreamy vanilla base with soothing sage and anchored by Bergemot.  
I spray it on my clothes and it lasts all day long.  

Need to add all of this to this site.  It's at the shop. 

Plus I have some fabulous new testimonials and reviews to share including 2 women who had been trying to become pregnant for a long time.  Using their Pheromone Perfumes (???), they both sent me photos of their babies!!!

Got to crash now like a big dog.  Hope you're doing well.  Prayers please for my friend Jeff.  He's been in the hospital with clots in his lungs since night before last and the meds aren't doing the job.

I may have discovered an insanely powerful healing combo that is working on long term and undiagnosed major skin disorders.  May be good for exema etc.  Will let you know as soon as it's passed the 7 day test.

Forgive my mispellings.  Doesn't make me a bad person, just imperfect.  Always.

All love in peace, Diana