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Confirmation,Completion & Celebration * Energy alert*

4 + 5 = 9 and 9 is the number of completion.  12/21/12 is the completion of an incredible period in mankind's history.  Astrologically, all of the planets in our Galaxy will be at the exact same degree on this date. That doesn't mean they are in a straight line. You will receive information on the importance of this astrological event happening at the very same time as 12/21/12 at GG#45.

Yesterday was 12/12/12.  The energy was incredibly strong and warm like a tropical wave moving through you and lifting you to it's crest to spirit surf.  Also felt like being born and moving through the birth canal into loving hands. Loved it!!! I feel it was a preview of the change that will be coming on 12/21/12.

Today began with fits and starts - disappointments and actual physical unease rushing quickly into a heart centered surprise of positive abundance and acceptance of the "Universal Buzz"/Celestial Glow.

All of this energetic activity is tiring as it is accelerating our Ascension in a non-voluntary way!  If you don't take your "brakes" off, you'll be burning them up and adding to the multiplied sense of being tired on all levels.

This is not just a time to "go with the flow", you need to paddle out and then take action as each energy wave catches you - returning you to reality on a higher spiritual/intuitive level.

We are active participants in a historic moment in time.  If you don't actually take action, it may just be a date on the calendar sort of situation.  Reading about what this time is about is pretty passive.  It is time for you to wake up & act.  Meditate, do your "List of 10" (will be shared at GG#45), walk your talk, take a stand regarding your beliefs (figure out what that means specific to you - digest what you're taking in & come to your own conclusions) and consider the people you come into contact with on a daily basis & new people who pass through your life.

Be discerning.  Don't be drawn into conversations or waste your time & energy with energy vampires or people looking to discredit you for your way of thinking - your beliefs.  The Bible referred to throwing pearls before swine.  Some of these people are out for information they can use against you at your work place.  Fuel for the gossip fire.  Some of these people have dark intentions and want you to fail personally and professionally.  They often use flattery to lure you into saying more than you should.  They appeal to your Ego.  They are not to be trusted. They aren't your people and they never will be.

Shut up & move on.

Send them sincere love from the center of your heart (it will be returned to you 10 fold) but understand they do not have your best interests at heart; in fact want to harm you.  Keep yourself to yourself.

Now that I have come across as a totally paranoid person - understand the people who are open to change/transformation are plentiful.  And if you trust your gut/intuition, you will become better & better at recognizing them.  They come from a variety of backgrounds, spiritual & religious belief systems, etc. They are your people.  They are us.

Another thing to understand at this time, is that you are valuable.  Your time & gifts are valuable.  Our people are not looking for a spiritual hand out.  They recognize spiritual leaders - the real thing and they don't expect to pick your brain/heart for free.  But you may need to educate them if you find they are draining your time/gifts/talents it is probably because you are giving it away.  And look closely at your motives.  Is your Ego exercising itself as a blah blah blah "expert"?  If this is your true path.  You will find your finite resource: time is limited and make clear decisions.

Get ready to fly high little bunny.  Little dragonfly.  And remember to tell yourself the truth and act on what is real.

Until we meet again,

All love in peace,

Diana Diamonds

Mama Dragonfly

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