Crazy Mama's Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams
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Crazy Mama's Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

~Crazy Mama’s Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams~
*THE LIST of 10*
(: Please take YOUR time & be still & quiet… Open Heart & Mind…. no distractions :)
1.  LIST ~ in no particular order (keep it simple & worded in positive manner :)    
       A.) The top 10 characteristics of change you desire, in order to be living the life of your dreams. 
"Financial Independence"- "Buy a  Home' or discovering your soul mate.  "Soul Mate" meaning someone who can be happy with you & you with them for the rest of your life. Not  physical attributes - qualities & characteristics.
Remember there is no such thing as perfect, normal or average. They will find you if you put yourself out there… There… Where this person of quality will be present. 
        B.)What has to happen for you to reach your goals, “manifest your intentions” or   “have your prayers answered” in the next 12 months? Think Preparation!
        C.) Top  10 changes REQUIRED BY YOU, in the coming                 
12months, to become your Best Self. Only list what you are actually WILLING to DO! 
    D.)  Top ten things you choose to release & let go of… For YOUR Peace of Mind & Success. Take a sec, to consider what is holding back.   
E.)  Top 10 things necessary NOW to achieve success! This is in emergency situations. 
F.)  If your “Wildest Dreams Came True”… Where would you be located? What would you be doing? How would you look & behave? Who would you be with & what would “it” smell like?   
   G.) Top 10 Qualities you want to develop regarding any area of your life? 
 2. When you are finished, sign & date the list
 3.  Look over it carefully
 4.  Put it away… Where it won’t get lost…
 5. Then put it out of your mind. Never to see again!  
( It will surface when you move.)

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