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Astrological/Universal Vibes & Assistance 2/22 to 2/28/13

Astrological/Universal Aspects/Vibrations from Friday 2/22/13 to Thursday 2/28/13 to Assist You in Your Continuing Transformation

The following information will provide you with an understanding of the Astrological/Universal assistance in realizing your
Wildest Dreams
By stepping into the Window of Opportunity that is available to you from 2/22/13 to 2/28/13, you can move away from "student" to "brave & passionate living".

When you are able to internalize information by relating it to your past experiences, it becomes valuable and you are equipped to
take action.

The choice is yours.  Be carried by the flow of things around you or take the reins & make it happen for yourself.

Endeavor to reach for the stars Let go of limitations imposed by false assumptions and
Rock Your World!

On 2/24/13, the date of our next Goddess Gathering #49,
the main aspect of the day has the Leo Moon opposing Venus in Aquarius @ 8 50pm.  Social interactions along with relationship issues are highlighted since this transit is dramatic, emotional & feeling oriented.
Rational choices are bypassed; feelings dictate action.

Fun loving, attention seeking Leo moving toward a brief
Moon void-of-course that gives us the opportunity to get quiet for a moment and check in with our intuition. 
How can you create a balance between your heart and your head?  Between your inner joy and your vision for the future?

When the moon v-o-c ends, the moon moves into detail-oriented, practical Virgo: beginning the buildup to the Full Moon in 7 degrees of Virgo, which will be exact on Monday afternoon.  So we go from intuitively dreaming it in to making it happen. - 

We are looking for balance & are more aware than ever that something needs to be brought into alignment.  The message of this Full Moon is "Think Differently". 

Acceptance, not time, heals all wounds.  Beginning Friday, 2/22/13 strong all the way to Thursday 2/28/13. this aspect asks that we question our most fundamental beliefs & conditioning. 

The "truth" is relative; there are many ways to look at things - It all depends on who is looking & where they are standing.  We have the opportunity to grow beyond our understanding of what (and why) things "are" to come to see them from a more metaphysical or spiritual point of view. 

Information isn't the same as knowledge. 
Knowledge comes from direct experience. 
Information is just something we read or hear. 

When we are open to our intuition & let ourselves be inspired, we can see through the illusion of duality & realize our interconnectedness with all of life. 

Thus we are empowered without egoReleasing false assumptions/out-dated methods (to whatever name we give the Higher Power), creates openings for the blessings
we then attract and are able to receive into our lives.

The greatest gift of all is love. 
Give it to yourself first.

All love in peace,
Diana Diamonds
Mama Dragonfly



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Thanks for the input. I appreciate your opinion very much. Today 7/13/13 I realized something very interesting. I have been chasing business ever since we moved the shop to Old Town Spring. Wearing 49 hats and none of them very well. I relaxed today and decided to enjoy the weekends and do the "work" early in the week. If I feel like designing & creating jewelry or painting or writing - That's what I will do. And when people come into the shop, I greet them with love & a hug & we see one another as individuals. Let them look around & if there is something they want - fine - And maybe they need to think it over and return to purchase it at a later date. But in the meantime, we stop to get to know one another. Share a glass of ice water on a hot muggy summer day. And that is the most important thing of all. The knowing. The sharing of space on this spinning blue ball in a moment of time before we return to whatever dance the Universe has prepared for us. I send you all love in peace for the greater good, Diana Diamonds

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