While we are still here - love is the answer.
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While we are still here - love is the answer.

Last Friday was my husband James' birthday.  The next day, Feb. 12th, he received news that his sister had been found dead in a hotel room in Ft. Worth after having been "missing" for 3 days.  She had been in the midst of a divorce with complications after years of unhappiness.
Her name was Cathy. Her son had to identify her. Probably suicide.
Her family immediately launched into the blame game.  They agreed  no funeral would be "better" since she was no longer active in their religion & due to the circumstances.
James' mom:  Margaret - Cathy's mother too, lives with us.  She is 81 & has lived with us since Oct. '99.  She is in declining health & has been out of the loop with her family in Ft. Worth for some time.
First of all, I think many people have considered suicide at one time or another.  I think people go ahead with it is because they feel hopeless, weary, alone and mainly - That suicide is the last and only door left for them. 
Secondly, I know God is merciful.  God has given us free will in all things.
No one can know if they could have intervened.  When her family (the ones close to her) had offered encouragement or advice she had become angry so they left it at that.
Her husband is having a funeral for her.  Really a memorial service as she will be cremated after the autopsy is complete.  So she will be acknowledged and her loved ones will be allowed to heal as they share their memories of her.  And maybe the family will heal.
On this Valentine's Day, I offer this information out of love.  Do what you will with it.  Dead is dead.
All love in peace, Diana

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