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Thought for today 10/05/15
Fun is Important.
Spring Affirmation
Just Sayin'
Prayer of Gratitude & Miracles (fill in the blank)


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Fun is Important.

As I enter the tunnel at the end of this ride, I find fun elusive & vitally important.  As I've grown older, I seem to always be trying to do things with expedience. Fun is not usually orderly or quick. It's always an experience of enjoyment with the flush of discovery.  Personal and cherished.  The stuff of memories I can draw on when life throws a wrench in my plans.  Fun defines me in a way nothing else can.  So now when I think I must "clean my room before I go out to play", I shrug that off and it's off into the blue.  The wild blue yonder of fun.  All love in peace, Diana

Spring Affirmation

Today I begin again.  
I reclaim all that has been lost, stolen or forgotten that is of value to me.  
I release to my higher power all of my emotional baggage to be destroyed for my highest good.  
And my heart, mind, body and spirit reunite in their spiral dance of joy.  
And it is so.
And it is sealed.  

Just Sayin'

November is slipping away and 2014 is drawing to a close.  This has been a year of challenges & opportunities for all of us.  And I for one am about to redefine myself physically, emotionally, intellectually & spiritually.  Time is not our friend.  How has 2014 been treating you?  Let me know.  All love in peace, Diana

Oprah Winfrey's "Hana Aloha" Pheromone Perfume

"Hana Aloha" the Art of Love Magic was created in honor of Oprah Winfrey & we just found out she's aware!!! 

It took 4 months to "cure" & has almost 300 ingredients including East Indian Sandalwood, Bulgarian Rose. Plumeria, Madagascar & Sri Lankan Vanilla & the most fabulous blend of Pheromones & Copulins! 

It will be available here & at the shop within the next week. 

If you will follow us @ 

Crazy Mama's Getting A New Look & Website

Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium is currently getting a fresh new look inside & out.  We have a beautiful "Fairy Forest" & we're creating a "Yellow Brick Road" right up to the front door!!!  The interior is under going a beautiful; fresh look too. And our new website is under construction as we speak! 

You will still be able to read any of the verbage but your ordering process will be aided by a Search Bar and Shopping Cart so you can view your order before you place it!

Astrological/Universal Vibes & Assistance 2/22 to 2/28/13

Astrological/Universal Aspects/Vibrations from Friday 2/22/13 to Thursday 2/28/13 to Assist You in Your Continuing Transformation

The following information will provide you with an understanding of the Astrological/Universal assistance in realizing your
Wildest Dreams
By stepping into the Window of Opportunity that is available to youfrom 2/22/13 to 2/28/13, you can move away from "student" to "brave & passionate living".

When you are able to internalize information by relating it to your past experiences, it becomes valuable and you are equipped to

Welcome to 2013

Welcome to 2013 - the year we learn to trust our instincts & take action regarding our beliefs.  Where is your personal spiritual & personal mecca?  Within you.  What is the best time to step up and be counted?  Now.  Send me some of the reasons you want to become your true self, resolve your relationship issues or understand why you are here.  Let's get to know each other on a real & personal level.  Sign into our Guest Book and let me know where you are.

Confirmation,Completion & Celebration * Energy alert*

4 + 5 = 9 and 9 is the number of completion.  12/21/12 is the completion of an incredible period in mankind's history.  Astrologically, all of the planets in our Galaxy will be at the exact same degree on this date. That doesn't mean they are in a straight line. You will receive information on the importance of this astrological event happening at the very same time as 12/21/12 at GG#45.

Yesterday was 12/12/12.  The energy was incredibly strong and warm like a tropical wave moving through you and lifting you to it's crest to spirit surf.

Agenda 21

Something verrrrry sinister is afoot.   

This is the first time I have ever felt the urgent need to communicate regarding something that you will initially think is "crazy talk".  But Agenda 21  is real and coming at you with speed and purpose and it will destroy life as you know it.  There is no time to waste. 

Ignore this at your own risk and that of everyone you care about. This is not a conspiracy theory.  It is a conspiracy and of record.  

General Practitioners - Pill Pimps

Good Evening,
Was about to go to bed but had to stop and write this down before I got head down & butt up with my life in the morning. 
It has been my experience that General Practitioners are Pill Pimps. 
They have no curiousity regarding our wellness except as it relates to our symptoms and the pills that will keep us coming back to them for more...  Unpaid by the big Pharmaceutical companies - maybe - but certainly would be out of a job if they couldn't prescribe pills.
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